Express Services

Express Wax

$ 70.00

Includes a bronze car wash and hand application of carnuba wax and sealer
Option: Upgrade to a clay bar application, only $19.95

Express Upholstery

$ 70.00

A deep cleaning of your seats to keep them looking like new! (includes free bronze car wash)
Option: Upgrade to a seat fabric stainguard protection, only $10.00 per row

Express Carpet

$ 70.00

Includes a bronze car wash and a carpet steam clean. For the deep down stains that only a steam clean can reach!
Option: Upgrade to carpet stainguard protection, only $15.00 per row & $3.00 per mat

Express Leather

$ 70.00

A thorough clean and treatment of your leather seats.

Mini Detail

$ 225.00

Includes a Diamond Wash, Express Carpet, Express Wax and an Express Service on your seats.

Any Two Services

$ 130.00

You can't afford not to protect your investments!

Leather Conditioning Treatment

$ 15.00 per row

Includes a leather condition and treatment to keep your seats in great condition.

Headlight Restoration

$ 30.00 per headlight

Rejuvenate those hazy headlights!

Windshield Chip Repair

Quotes Available

Repair may be covered by your insurance. We will handle all of the paperwork and handle the repair while you wait.

Pet Hair Removal

Quotes Available

NuvinAir Odor Elimination

Basic Package $59.95

Upgraded Package $119.95