Interior Car Detailing Services You Might Not Know About

Taking care of your vehicle and ensuring it serves you and your family for a long time typically involves taking it to a mechanic and keeping it clean with car washes. However, car interior detailing services can add another layer of protection against everyday wear and tear, boosting your confidence every single time you buckle your seatbelt. Casey's Car Wash & Detail Center in Fort Collins can take care of both your car cleaning and car interior detailing needs, providing a critical level of TLC you may not have invested in before. Discover all the ways we way prolong the aesthetic of your vehicle and explore our top car detailing in Fort Collins!

  • Ceramic Coatings: Casey's Car Wash & Detail Center can help preserve your car’s sleek, glossy shine by applying a proactive coating to the surface, otherwise known as a ceramic coating. While you’re taking advantage of our full-service top car wash in Fort Collins, we also invite you to invest in this chemical, permanent coating that protects any car from scratches, scrapes, and weather-related damage. This exceptional car interior detailing service is a great investment for the long-term, as it preserves your vehicle’s value for future resale.

  • Steam Cleaning: Increasing the cleanliness and safety of your vehicle’s interior is more possible now than ever with steam cleaning, available through Casey's Car Wash & Detail Center. Our top car detailing in Fort Collins includes this revolutionary method of maintenance, capable of both cleaning and disinfecting your vehicle’s interior. Our locally-owned and operated car interior detailing center treats each vehicle as if it were our own, as we help eliminate odors stuck in your vehicle’s fabrics and clean any hard-to-reach areas.

  • Upholstery Shampoo & Conditioning: Speaking of your vehicle's seat upholstery — it can be exceptionally difficult to clean effectively from a DIY approach. In addition to our top car wash in Fort Collins, Casey’s also offers upholstery shampooing and conditioning as part of our car interior detailing service menu. While you experience our exceptional customer service and indulge in TV, drinks, and candy in our waiting area, we’ll deep-clean your seats and return them to their former glory. No matter what everyday damage they’ve taken or what stains they’ve been subjected to, Casey's Car Wash & Detail Center can help!

  • Interior Surface Cleaning & Conditioning: For over 35 years, Casey's Car Wash & Detail Center’s certified detailers have helped drivers in the Fort Collins, Windsor, Severance, Loveland, and Johnstown areas. If you’re noticing your car’s interior is gathering dirt, dust, or crumbs, our car interior detailing includes interior surface cleaning and conditioning. Our professional staff will meticulously clean every nook, cranny, and crevice to ensure your vehicle looks as if it’s fresh from the manufacturer.

Experience Casey's Top Car Detailing in Fort Collins

Casey's Car Wash & Detail Center is proud to not only be a top car wash in Fort Collins, but also an establishment providing top car detailing in Fort Collins. Whether you visit us for one of these services or help yourself to one of our 24-hour self-service bays, we’re proud to treat everyone like family. Learn more about our senior discounts and contact us today with any questions!