Special Services

Don't let a dirty car continue to get worse. Now is the time to give your car that extra love it needs!

Sometimes Just the Wash Isn't Enough

Most people spend as much time in their car as in their home which means it deserves just as much love and attention.

Ceramic Coating
A premium service over and above a traditional hand wax

Ask for details today!

Headlight Restoration
$35.00 per headlight

Rejuvenate those hazy headlights!

Mat Wash
$4.00 per Rubber Mat | $4.00 per Carpet Mat | $5.00 per Cargo Mat
Leather Seat Shine
$25.00 per row

Shine your leather seats

Tar, Sap, & Overspray Removal
Quote Only
Engine Dressing
Cargo Shine
Starting At $10.00
Odor Elimination
Quote Only
Spot Clean
Quote Only
Bumper Coating
Quote Only
Pet Hair Removal
Quote Only
Windshield Chip Repair
Quote Only

Repair may be covered by your insurance. We will handle all of the paperwork and handle the repair while you wait.