We'll Do The Work So You Can Enjoy The Results

If you are tired of using drive-through car washes that barely clean your car or that leave behind a layer of dust and dirt, you're not alone. It can be a frustrating experience to pay for a car wash and not get the results you expect. At Casey's Car Wash & Detail Center, we are your car wash connoisseurs in Fort Collins, and servicing the Northern Colorado area residents to improve the cleanliness of their vehicles for many years, and we know what it takes to produce results you can be proud of.

What we do for you

As your full-service fort collins car wash and detailing center, Casey's Car Wash & Detail Center will give your vehicle all the extra attention it needs during the car washing process. You can get out of the car to read a book, watch TV or chat with others in our lobby while you wait for your car to be cleaned. Within less than 30 minutes in most cases, we will return your car to you in a much cleaner state. You will love how shiny and clean your vehicle is on the inside and outside alike. We clean the car from top to bottom so that you don't have to.

Bronze Wash

Basic wash - our basic was includes vacuuming the first 2 rows, a pre-wash, tunnel wash, light dusting, towel dry, and window cleaning.

Silver Wash

Basic wash, clear coat protectant, tire treatment, and an air freshener.

Gold Wash

Basic wash, Magicolor foam polish, clear coat protectant, undercarriage wash, tire treatment, and air freshener.

Diamond Wash

Basic wash, Magicolor foam polish, clear coat protectant, undercarriage wash, tire treatment, truck/cargo vacuum, first-row floor mats washed, and air freshener.

Hand Wash
Starting at $75.00
Exterior Wash with Towel Dry
RAIN-X with Graphene
$12 to add to any wash

Clean Your Car Today

You could continue to drive around Northern Colorado in a dirty car, or you could drive your vehicle into Casey's Car Wash & Detail Center for the clean car you desire. You no longer have to deal with a dirty car because we provide you with a fast, easy solution to your problem. Drop by our wash center today to get the results you want.

Frequent Washer Rewards Program

We also offer a Frequent Washer rewards program. It is easy to sign up for. Just give us your Name, Phone Number, and email address. Every time you come in we will give you a punch. Come on Tuesdays and receive 2 punches. Once you have 10 punches, your next wash will be a free bronze wash or you may apply the same value to a wash of your choice. An added benefit to being a member in our Rewards program means you can receive other coupons or promotions we may be running.